One app to create, collect and share proof of attendance

Use this app as a visitor when you need proof you attended an event. Use this app as an organiser to get rid of paper attendance sheets. Use this app as a verifier to check who attended an event. All data is shared in a privacy-friendly way.

How it works

Collect proof of attendance

The organiser creates a QR-code for an event and shows that code to visitors. When visitors scan the QR-code proof of attendance is added to their app. Organisers can then see how many times the event QR-code is scanned. Verifiers can ask visitors to disclose their personal details when required for verification.

1. Create an event QR-code

2. Scan QR-code to collect proof

3. See number of scans

4. Share proof of attendance

Collect and share attendancy proof in a privacy-friendly way

In less time and in a secure way!

Personal data leaves your phone only after your explicit consent.

Verifiers can only see unique visitor id’s. No names and other personal data.

Collect and share attendance data without complying to GDPR law.

Paper attendance sheets no longer needed. So no data leaks there!

time management

For an organiser…

Enable visitors to collect proof of attendance for your event. Some of your visitors may need that proof in order to account for their stay or for their profession.

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For a visitor…

Use this app to collect proof of attendance by scanning a QR-code shown at the event. You’ll collect a list of proofs for every event you attended.


For a verifier…

Check if someone was really at the event by checking their proof. If you want more details, you can ask the visitor to share personal information.

Get the app now!

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How do I use this app as an organiser?

Install the app and open it. Choose ‘Host new event’ and create a new event. This will result in a QR-code. Save the QR-code (save screen?) and make this QR-code available for visitors of your event. You can print the code on a banner, on a piece of paper or in a presentation. Close the event in the app when you no longer want visitors to be able to register themselves.

How do I use this app as a visitor?

Install the app and open it. Choose ‘Scan SSA-QR codes’ to open the camera. Scan the event QR-code to proof you are attending the event. The proof is stored in your app. You can share your proof with verifiers.

How do I use this app as a verifier?

To be done.

Why do I need to enter my personal information after installing the app?

You’re asked to enter your personal information: first name, last name and date of birth. This data is used when a verifier asks you for these details and you allow this data to be presented to the verifier.

Please know that this information does not leave the app without your explicit approval. Your personal information is under your control.

Why is this app privacy-friendly?

The app is privacy-friendly because your personal details are not shared with event organisers or verifiers. They only see a unique visitor ID that cannot be traced back to you. Only after your explicit approval personal details, like your name, are shared with a verifier.

Event organisers find the app useful because it makes paper attendance sheets no longer necessary. These attendance sheets are difficult to use: people are asked details like name, time and signatures. All this data is usually visible for everyone attending the event. The logical consequence is the event organiser has to comply with GDPR rules. With the SSA app this is not necessary.

Can I trick the system by sharing the QR-code with someone who is not there?

Yes, you can! But you should not do that. It comparable to signing in for someone who is not there on paper attendance sheet.

We work on more sophisticated proofs. Think of Bluetooth beacons sharing a proof that has to be collected in combination with a conference QR-code. Or, the need to collect x out of y QR-codes shared randomly during an event.

What if I forgot to scan the QR-code while I was at the event?

Than you can’t proof you were there. This is comparable to not signing the paper attendance sheet. If proof of attendance is important to you, do not forget to collect it.

Can I provide feedback?

Yes, please do so. The app is an early stage and we love to hear from you. Share tips and remarks by sending an email to Thank you.


This app collects proof of attendance. An event organiser uses the app to create and share a QR-code, the proof. A visitor of an event uses the app to scan this code and store it in the app. The visitor can then show the proof to a verifier as evidence the event was attended.

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